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Continerized Road freight to Paraguay

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Posted by: Fred Phillips

We have recently received an order from a customer who is located in an area we have not previously shipped. This is not normally a problem, but this month our normal shipping clerk is out. This has sent me to your forum to ask for information about containerized road freight to Paraguay. So if you can provide me with this information, I will greatly appreciate it for it will help me out of a predicament. What are the requirements that I must supply you so you may provide a pickup at our warehouse here in New York City, New York, in the United States? I have estimated that we will need a 48 ft ocean container to be delivered to our warehouse at the time of loading. The gross weight of this shipment will be 23,948 pounds. Is there any way that you can send me an estimate of our shipping charges? Also, can you tell me when you will deliver this container to Paraguay? I really appreciate your help and I thank you for supplying me with this information.