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I run the Multan, Pakistan location of Animal Supplies and More which is the largest in the area. I need to find a road freight company that can take our goods across the border into India. I specifically need to get my stuff to Bihar, India which is where the reseller we are going to start doing business with is based. We sell all sorts of animal supplies so that will be the bulk of the shipments I need to send. For example we sell horse feed and grooming accessories, saddles, salt licks, dog and cat food, collars and flea and tick shampoo. I can forward you a digital catalog for you to take a peek at if you would like a better idea of our complete line of products. I anticipate that the road freight will be slower when we first start and will pick up as our name gets out there in the area, seeing how we haven't been in India at all before now. I will keep you posted on when that would ramp up though.