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Containerized Road freight to Costa Rica

Posted by: Galileo Bongiovanni

I must request information about containerized road freight to Costa Rica. My company is shipping from our facility near to Rome, Italy. So yes, this is a lengthy distance for this shipment. So I desire that everything should go according to our plans, which is why I am posting a few of my questions to this forum. First of all, I will request that you email information about your company's shipping services to my email account. Regarding our shipping needs, we will need an empty 48 ft ocean container for us to load. The shipping weight of this cargo will be a little more than 11 metric tonnes. How much do you think you will charge us to ship this freight with your company? Since we will have the cargo ready to ship within the coming week, I must ask you when you will be available to provide a pickup service? Can you also tell me when you will deliver this freight to Costa Rica? Thank you for replying to my questions about your shipping services.